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Ha! You're not alone; I just this evening saw, for the very first time, the preview for the triumphant return of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I was so confused...nay, horrified, that I have been thinking about it all night.

I know *exactly* the city apartment cooking smell that you're describing. Someone in our building evidently has the same recipe Every time I smell it, I turn to J and tell him that it smells like "nursing home." ALthough "elementary school cafeteria" is a great call, too.


I saw the preview for the Ninja Turtles movie the other day, and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one entirely baffled as to its intended demographic.

Also, Ninja Turtles, Corey Haim, box jellyfish, plane-diving, and cafeteria food, all in one post? My head is spinning, but well done, I say.


You did that much diving? With BULL SHARKS, seriously? I have hives just thinking about it, honestly, and every time I've been in a tropical locale that seems appropriate for diving, I chicken out at the last minute. For some reason, your recounting comforts me that it was not in vain, because if I even got a GLIMPSE at a bull shark, I would die right then and there.


All those toys of the 80s are back because a lot of parents were raised in the 80s and want the same toys for their kids. Which freaks me the heck out because that means I am old enough to have kids! Aaaa!

I have never been brave enough for all those things you mentioned, except for flying. Commercial flights don't bother me for some reason. Tiny planes are another story though.


I'm confused. Why would the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles be any more appropriate in the 80's than now? Is it because industrial hubs of our nation have since cleaned up their pollution policies? Which may have cut back on the probability that four harmless turtles could in fact be transformed into large idiotic humanoids? Because, that does make a little sense.

I never saw the original movie from the 80's/90's, but I loved the cartoons, and somehow developed a crush on Michaelangelo. I know, strange.


I never went through a young-and-brave phase, which leads me to wonder if I'll be one of those grannies skydiving for her 90th birthday.


I know! I saw that ad for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles last night and couldn't believe it. I had no idea they were making a comeback.

I always wanted to try scuba diving, but now I'm a little freaked out. I think I'll stick with snorkeling!


I just went to Belize for my law school spring break, and snorkeling with bull sharks and sting rays (right after the Steven Irwin incident) was enough to convince me to hold off on scuba-ing while we were there -- scary!

Were TMNT really so long ago that first generation consumers can have children of their own already? Ack, also scary!

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