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THANK YOU for not liking Gone Girl. I swear I was starting to think it was just me and there was something wrong with me! But the tone of voice was just so awful! I kept wondering if the whole thing was just a joke? A weird nasty joke? I don't know, but it was not for me. Glad to hear I'm not the only one, we can be crazy together :)


Thank you! I love your book posts. For some insane reason, I decided to make my way through Alice Hoffman's books. I'm surprised at how much I love some and hate others. I loved the Dovekeepers but it took forever to read. I absolutely hated The Probable Future. I'm starting The Red Garden tonight.


I loved Looking for Alaska and I liked An Abundance of Katherines by John Greene. There was another of his, though, that I couldn't even get through!


Looking for Alaska is an excellent book. In some ways, I liked it more than The Fault in our Stars. I enjoyed Katherines but didn't think Papertowns was good at all. I also enjoyed Will Grayson Will Grayson, which he wrote with a childhood friend. Also, if you haven't seen some of his vlogbrothers YouTube videos, you should check them out =)


So this really depends on the person. I've met people who loved and hated every single one of his books - personally, I think they're all worth a read, but Looking for Alaska is the only book that is AS GOOD AS TFIOS. That's not to say that his other books aren't good. They're just not quite AS good.


I loved Paper Towns, and liked Looking for Alaska. I just finished An Abundance of Katherines and it was just ok compared to the others.


The only book I've picked up that wasn't something self-helpy for work research (or pregnancy-related) was "The Orchid Thief" by Susan Orleans. I put it down *almost* as fast as I picked it up (full disclosure: I gave it 50 pages. That's my limit for books I'm not sure about) I do not recommend.

Amy K

I'm probably the last person on Earth to read it, but I finished I Capture the Castle recently and loved it. The Snow Child is beautiful if you enjoy magical realism. The Lock Artist is exciting.


Oh, I loved Looking for Alaska. I've had The Fault in Our Stars on my shelf for months and have been avoiding it due to Crying While Commuting issues, but I will trust you and put it in the bag to start next.


I also had big issues with Gone Girl. I read it fast, so I can't say it was horrible, but I just found it so unbelievable and implausible.

I go back and read passages from The Fault in Our Stars at times, just to remember how incredible reading that book was the first time through. "I fell in love like you fall asleep, slowly and then all at once." (I read that to Mike and he said, "That's how I fell in love with you.")


While I agree with everything you said about Gone Girl (unbelievable,unplausible, atrocious characters,kinda grating), I have to say I loved the book. What made the difference for me is that I did not anticipate the plot twists. I used to be really good at this but not anymore. One of the many things I love about my brain cells dying due to old age. he, he

I read A LOT and quickly forget, so if I remember a book it's because I found it specially good. Two that come to mind: The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns (don't remember the author) and Trapeze by Simon Mawer, but then I like anything by Simon Mawer.

Meredith (peacelovemath)

I haven't yet gotten around to reading anything by John Green, but my sister the youth librarian adores him, and she says TFIOS is his best book. So...try his YouTube channel?

This is exactly how I feel about Faulkner. Exactly.


Julia Glass! The Whole World Over, I See You Everywhere, really any of them. Three Junes is her first, and prob my fave.


If you haven't read it yet, I recently read (and really enjoyed) The Tiger's Wife by Tea Obreht. The novel's structure is unusual and the plot is compelling, and I enjoyed reading a story set in a place I don't know much about.


I've been a John Green fan for years, and it's been fun to see his popularity take off. TFIOS is his best, but I also loved Paper Towns and Looking for Alaska. I'd recommend maybe reading them in the order they were written (LFA, then Paper Towns) because in some ways Paper Town is a response to/further development of certain ideas from LFA. An Abundance of Katherines is good and fun but my least favorite. Will Grayson, Will Grayson is great but the David Levithan co-writing makes it a very different book than if John Green had written it alone, so I don't fully count it.


Uh-oh, seems we're not book compatible. I loved Gone Girl and thought The Fault in Our Stars was awful. Formulaic (albeit with an effort to make it 'quirky') and basically just boring and emotionally manipulative (like, I knew when I was supposed to cry, but didn't). I was not a fan.

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