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Dad and I are howling over the whole Owl bit. Hilarious. Only 17 more days!


My two year old has a varied and extensive wardrobe. Yet, she insists wearing pink - not just some pink, but head to toe pink - every day. It's been going on for months now and I believe in picking my battles, so I've given up and bought pink everything. (Though, even being pink isn't a guarantee she'll wear it. I bought her a pink shirt with adorable owls on It. She hates it.). It's gotten to the point that I sighed enviously over our two year old friends adorable gray and yellow outfit the other day.


The day she stops referring to herself in the third person is the day I enter grief counseling.

Auntie G

My now four-year old went through an intense phase when we was 3 where he wanted to wear ALL RED, EVERY DAY. I stupidly indulged this for about 3 days and then realized my error, and we instituted "Red Days" in our house (T and TH), when he could wear as much red as he liked, but the other days of the week, he had to wear the other colors. It worked quite well. He's growing out of the red obsession...but man, if his little brother doesn't also like red, we are going to be buying a lot of new 3T clothes in a few years...


i love reading your blog
... loved the "neutral" comment on the bus. lol

Amy K

I've always been jealous of how great redheads look in pink. It might be princessy and stereotypical girl color and all that, but Felicity couldn't possibly look cuter in it!


Wow she looks like a friggin teenager! Did she grow a foot in the last month or have I just not been paying attention?

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