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Tiny dancer, she! ;

I applaud you on your discipline of 0545 awakening. Clearly, you are your FATHER's daughter. I think I was strictly the 'carrier' in this long ago birth process. My father's philosophy was always, "Never look back and second guess. Make a decision and move on." He would NEVER play the 'what if' game." It was not something that was part of his nature.


Love the pics. Bennett and Felecity are the same size. He's a peanut and will be in a car seat until junior high :-)


Longtime reader and an delurking to say: lovely pictures, and DO write about balancing work and life. I confess that reading your blog always leaves me with the thought: "how does she do it?" (and by it I mean advent calendars, holiday feasts, so many fun activities with Felicity, ...). Between basic care for my almost-year old son, a (low-stress, work-from-home) job and regular attempts at exercise, I'm left depleted.


Oh, that first photo is breathtaking! What a little beauty!
I love the paragraph on getting up earlier. I have to get up at 4 if I'm going to exercise, and I've been fudging it the last week or so...oh, I'm too tired, I need the extra 45 minutes of sleep more than the workout, blah blah blah. Probably no coincidence that this past week sucked, and I feel unhealthy and sad now. So, next week, my battle cry is "Be like Lawyerish!!!"

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