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Meredith, I really see your mother in that second to last photo here. That is how I remember her looking when we first met and she had her own precious three year old daughter.

jive turkey

I LOOOOOVE the tearful Felicity photo. I don't love that she was sad, of course, but it's a BEAUTIFUL photo. Wow.
Also: are you trying to KILL ME with those Tiny F photos? IT'S WORKING.
So glad you guys were able to enjoy the snow. Sounds like a weekend to remember (thank goodness for the blog...).


My baby is turning three in April, and because we're expecting another one soon, I've been reading back on my private blog at his posts and I agree: I barely remember ANY OF IT. It's like the age he is at present is the age he's always been.

The baby pictures are crazy. How were they EVERY that small?!

Glad it was a wonderful weekend.



Also, I fondly remember the Felicity Friday Dance parties like it was yesterday. Time flies!!!

Megan @ Mama Bub

I remember when Felicity was a baby thinking how much she looked like herself. Which sounds insane, but isn't true of all, or even most babies. Seeing those baby pictures with her current self is KILLING me, because that means Hannah has also changed that much and I can not accept that.

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