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This is just the best post. The photos! Felicity's crown! Oh, it is too much. Happy (belated) birthday to your gorgeous ballerina princess.

Angela (@Aferg22)

She is just precious. Happy birthday to your little ballerina! I especially love her comments about writing thank you notes. :-) I made the mistake of telling my 6 year old that yesterday was his half-birthday (I guess I should say "my 6.5 year old" to be correct), and he lamented the fact later on that I forgot to wish him a happy half-birthday and didn't get him any presents.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

A ballerina party??? How WONDERFUL. I love her thank-you note comments - that is the most charming thing! (And... any tips on how to raise such a polite child?)

Happy birthday to Felicity - I hope three is the best year yet!

jive turkey

I am SO terribly late in my birthday wishes, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FELICITY! And kudos to you for that awesome ballerina birthday party. Seriously awesome. Enjoy age three!

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