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Jen (SaitoAbroad)

This all looks SO lovely!! I'm adding all of it to a wish list :)

(Um, but that departure nightmare?? Speechless)


That looks and sounds BLISSFUL. (Except for the plane, and the gooshy jellyfish.)


Oh that sounds like a lovely trip! What a good travel partner you both have.

I swear you were on the same flight as my friend. She was heading to Charleston/Savannah over Memorial Day wedding and posted the same travel saga on Facebook (updating us all throughout the day/weekend - down to the thunderstorm and taxiing back). You seem to have taken it in better stride than she did. :)


Megan - that is so funny! It did seem that all of the flights to that area were doomed that day, and then when we were coming home on Tuesday, one of the return flights to NYC from Savannah was ALSO canceled (thankfully, not ours, though we were delayed again). What IS that?


This does sound like the perfect getaway place! And now to acquaint the family with the charm of OBX. Hopefully it will have its own charm. 33 days and counting! Praying the travel gods shine on all of us that day!


Ohhhh, this looks just lovely. I want to vacation there now too. (P is not ready for long-haul flights yet- CA seems to be about her limit - but we will hope for better travel juju.)


I never know if I should comment or not, but your writing is lovely and this trip with your gorgeous girl sounds idyllic (besides the terrible start)

jive turkey

Your travel experience en route to vacation gives me hives just READING about it. Oh my lord. But the vacation itself sounds like it was perfect, minus the car barf. I gotta be honest, this post makes me want to move down South.


"Our whole family is together!"

That Felicity is so adorable! :-)

Debbie in the UK

I am putting that place on my bucket list as it looked SO BEAUTIFUL. Oooh, the south sounds divine.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

What a LOVELY vacation! And such excitement, what with the horse and the jellyfish and the bike rides!

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