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That trick of sewing it to the hippo is GENIUS!


Good job, Mama! It's so hard when they don't just transition on their own. We've had a couple of those.


Have you tried Underjams instead of Pull-Ups? They go up to 65 pounds and then there's another size up, I believe. That's what I use with my 42-pounder and they fit him fine.

He's dry every night, but we still use them just in case - plus I'm not ready to tell him he can get up in the middle of the night to pee if he has to. Not sure I want to open that door, both literally and figuratively, quite yet.


I can't tell you how much I appreciate this post. I have an almost 3.5 yr old boy and we've been telling him for awhile now that he has to give up the paci after Christmas. He's pretty upset about it already and I know it's going to be tortuous. He only uses it at bedtime, but he's extremely attached. I'm totally going to use that distraction technique! He loves silly things and being silly, so I think that'll stop the tears (at least temporarily). Now I just have to hope that he doesn't pick it back up when we have baby#2 in July!


I have never heard of Underjams but they look like just the ticket! Thank you!

Mary, good luck. It's always surprising to me how the transitions I dread the most turn out to be no big deal. I hope it's the same for you!

Lisa (@BindsTheTuna)

We enlisted the aid of the Bappy Fairy, who comes and takes all bappies away on your 4th birthday (DO NOT JUDGE ME) so that the new babies can have them.

After he went to sleep that night, we ran like mad men all around the house trying to find all the bappies so that we could hide them, even going so far as to slowly slide the one in his mouth out.

The next morning, which was a Sunday, we distracted him by a big breakfast and the opening of presents, and then off we went to church. (By that time, the only place he used a paci was home and church.) He crawled up in my lap and sighed and said, "I want my bappy," so I reminded him that "Remember? The bappy fairy came and took them! Because 4yos don't have bappies, only babies!"

Then he looked up with the saddest eyes ever, held up three fingers, and said, "I wanna be dis many again."


I've become a lazy commenter since lawyerng/baby commandeered my life the past few years, but I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your parenting posts. They're relatable and sweet and authentic and just so well done -- they always make me excited to be at that place someday (and I often try to file away notes for when I'll face the same challenges). I've been reading forever and ever now and it's been such a pleasure and inspiration to follow along in your parenthood journey. You're an awesome mama and Felicity is lucky to have you.


We often joked we'd have to put my oldest boy in adult diapers if he didn't graduate to undies at night soon. He was four, I believe, when we finally dropped the Pull Up. My second child was two when he started waking up dry every day. You just never know!

Mine are thumb suckers. I practically taped the pacis to their faces, but to no avail.

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