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YES YES YES! While it doesn't stress me out like it seems to be stressing you out (hives! you poor thing!), I agree with ALL your Christmas thoughts on religion, Santa, presents, etc. I had the whole mix growing up, and was probably rather spoiled, but I loved it and I STILL feel the magic because my mom did it right (in my eyes), too. And I want to repeat all of that.

THANK YOU. I see so many discussions about "No Santa in our house!" etc. and it was really nice to read about another family who does it the way we do. To each their own, of course... but great read, as always. :)


Oh, YES. I agree. Life needs things like that, and they're still part of the magic for me, and I'm going to do the same with my children. (Plus, I don't really think they detract from the reason for the season.)


I too want my kids (4 yo twins) to have a 'magical' christmas. But one thing I am keeping in mind (and maybe I am cynical), is that I dont want to set the bar too high for years to come. At their age they cant remember much from last year so they dont really know what to expect christmas morning -- so 4 gifts is just as exciting as 8. But if I give them 8 this year, will it be disappointing if it is 7 next year?


I currently have two under two (send help) so I'm not too stressed about the magic of the season as there is only so much my oldest understands. The stuff, though. The stuff! I have not purchased a single thing for either of my children, but between my husband and two sets of grandparents there is literally a room full of toys wrapped up for Christmas. It's just too much and I'm surprised how uncomfortable I am with it. I'm already thinking about how to scale things down next year without hurting anyone's feelings. Thank goodness we're currently living abroad in a fairly large house because all this stuff would never, ever fit into our house back in the city.


As always, so much of this resonates with me. Part of what I loved about Christmas was the sheer volume of Santa stuff--even though a lot of it was practical things like underwear and school supplies and things like that. I remember believing in Santa way longer than I should have because how else could I explain SO MUCH STUFF when my parents weren't SO MUCH STUFF people? To get something at Christmas that my parents would never have bought for me (or so I thought), was a big part of the magic. And because I'm someone who still gets completely filled with wonder at Christmastime, part of me wants to recreate for my kids the experience of Christmas I had as a child. I'd love for them to realize, as I did, that Santa doesn't care about where all those new toys will go, you know? Santa makes everything possible. That's magic. That said, so far I have one kid who says, "Whatever Santa wants to bring me will be great," so I have to remind myself not to go overboard. I'm fairly stingy the rest of the year, so I tend to overcompensate for Christmas.

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