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What a wonderful exercise. Legacy and love. A powerful combination, especially when paired with you and Joe as living, daily examples of that legacy. She will cherish this letter one day.
Hugs to my strong daughter and her lovely child whom I miss every day! There is never enough family time. Love you much.


What a beautiful letter! Felicity is a lucky girl.

Angela (@Aferg22)

Beautifully written. It moved me to tears.


This is so incredibly beautiful. I rarely regret the writing is not one of my gifts, but reading this made me wish it was. How fantastic that Felicity has this beautiful letter.


Really beautiful and what a legacy to leave Felicity.

Just as an aside, what's the connection to Iowa State? I'm a graduate :)


This moved me, too. There are very few must-have needs in this world (food, shelter, clothing) and love is one of those things. Your daughter is so loved and so lucky.


So beautiful. xoxoxo


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