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You are my hero. I wish I had been nearly as wise as you are at your age. And what a marvelous role model you are for your daughter. Bravo!


Good for you! Loved hearing about this. You make me want to sign up for a class of some sort!


What a great post. Good for you!


I love this so very much. Hooray for being home! Good on you!


Yay, Meredith!! Glad you are back to your joy!


This is awesome! Believe what the teacher said--I've come across several people who were dancers earlier in their lives, and it remains with them even when they haven't danced for a while. It's in their posture, their shoulders, and the overall way that they carry themselves. If even a layperson can see it, then a ballet teacher would know it instantly. Great that you're returning to something that you loved!


That's great! Congratulations for going back to it!


This post made me tear up with both happiness for you having returned to one of your great loves (your JOY leaps off of the screen!), and some regret/pity for myself for not having any equivalent to ballet for myself--nothing that soothes and simultaneously awakens my soul. Sigh. Oh well, I will live vicariously through other people's joy until I find mine.

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