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That last picture is amazing. You can just feel the soft fuzziness of a newborn head by looking at it. Happy belated, Felicity!


I didn't notice it particularly at the time, but when I was going through my journals looking for gift ideas for my niece who was turning four at the time, I realized that four seemed to CONSISTENTLY be one of my top favorite ages.

Happy Wonderful Four, Felicity!


I love her dancing with absolute joy and abandon. Look at those long legs! I will be interested in the story about the photo with the cat! ; How I love this girl!

Life of a Doctor's Wife

She is so lovely and you write about her so lovingly/lovelyly. I am sobbing though at all this passage of time nonsense.

Anyway: happy birthday Felicity! I hope four is more fun than you can fathom!


This was so beautiful - especially as I think about the little girl in my belly (coming out in April!) and the other can-she-really-be-almost-five girl of mine.

Happy Birthday, Felicity!


Happy birthday,Felicity! Reading about her makes my day every time.


Wonderful post. Happy birthday Felicity!

As I read this, I was thinking about how four years ago I was pregnant, too, and reading about YOU being pregnant and awaiting the arrival of your baby. It doesn't feel like I've been reading your blog for four years! Time, man. It flies!

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