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I LOVED Life After Life. I picked it up from the library not expecting much and now have bought my own copy so I can re-read and dog-ear pages. I wasn't as crazy about The Goldfinch (can't win 'em all?) but it sounds like we have similar tastes and I'm updating my library request list with a bunch of these :)


Thanks for all the great book ideas! I always love your posts about what you've been reading.


Thanks for sharing! I love getting ideas for what to read next!


John Gottman is kind of amazing. We read that book during our engagement and learned a lot from it. It's packed away, but I think it would be good to pull it out again. I refer back to it in my mind A LOT, especially about those "perpetual" arguments/problems that might never go away, but you just have to learn to properly deal with or accept or let go.

LET GO - there's my biggest takeaway for all parts of life. You know?

Karen Stafford

Thank you so much for posting these book reviews! You and I have similar reading tastes, it seems, and your reviews always provide me with inspiration for books to suggest to my book club to read!

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